I am a big fan of most Weber products and have owned various of their kettles, an 18.5 inch WSM and a few vintage Genesis gas grills.  My in-laws have a beautiful Genesis S 330 that I get to use when we grill steaks over there and hang out at the pool.

The are a couple of problems with Weber though and those are what these articles are meant to solve.

The first problem is that the product line is confusing as heck.  There is a lot of overlap of size, function and cost and you can run yourself in circles trying to figure out what is important and what isn’t.

The second problem is that every couple of years Weber redesigns their grills and gives them slightly different looks and names.  Then, 10 years after you buy the grill, it is extremely hard to find the right replacement parts because you can’t figure out exactly which grill you have.  For example, parts for a Weber Genesis 330 do not fit a Weber Genesis II 330.

Weber Spirit II E 310

Let’s get started with the big question most folks have and move on to the different grills from there.

Are Weber Grills Worth It? Why Do They Cost So Much? This is the big question for most people.  Weber’s are usually the most expensive grills at the store, often by several hundred dollars.  If you are used to buying a new grill every two years because your last one rusted through then spending the cash for a Weber can be scary.  This article covers why I believe Weber grills, if you pick the right ones, are worth the money.

When Do Weber Grills Go on Sale? If you are patient and willing to do a little legwork then you can often find a nice price on a Weber and not pay full retail.  This article will help you find out how to get a deal on a Weber grill.

Weber Gas Grill Information

Weber has four lines of gas grills: Q Series, Spirit, Genesis and Summit.

Weber Spirit vs Genesis: 2021 Model Year Winners and Losers The differences between the three burner Spirit and Genesis grills are subtle. At first glance the differences appear to be size and price but there are some other details that might be important to you.  Check out the article to learn all of the differences and why I think there is one Spirit grill that you should buy instead of a Genesis.

Weber Genesis vs Summit: Battle of the Heavyweights! If you are looking for something bigger than a three burner grill then Weber has some four and six burner grills to choose from.  In general you will get a better value by buying a four burner Genesis but if you are looking for a grill with all of the bells and whistles then the Summit 670 is what you want.

Weber Spirit II Gas Grills: Worth a Serious Look! The Spirit II series was a a nice product line but only lasted a couple of years before being discontinued.  This is pure speculation but I think they made these grills so nice that the Spirit II was cannibalizing sales of the more profitable Genesis grills.

Weber Genesis II E 410 and 435 Review: 4 Burner Grills Compared Weber has a couple of four burner gas grills, the Genesis 410 and 435.  As far as I am concerned the 435 is the only one to consider.  The Genesis 435 is a monster of a grill and I would buy one of these before even considering the “premium” Summit grills.

Weber Genesis II (E/S) 335 Review The Genesis II 335 grill is the best three burner Weber gas grill and comes in the porcelain enameled steel “E” version and the stainless steel “S” version.  Both of the grills are great but the S model has the better cooking grate.

Weber Spirit S 315 and SP 335 Reviewed I am not sure that I would bother with the Spirit S 315 but the SP 335 looks amazing!  The SP 335 is a three burner grill with a Sear Station, Side Burner and stainless steel cooking grate.  This grill is only slightly smaller than the comparably equipped Genesis II S 335 but costs hundreds of dollars less.

Weber Q 3200 vs Spirit II 210 This is a fascinating comparison between the two burner Q 3200 and the two burner Spirit grills.  The better option for most people is going to be the two burner Spirit grill as the burner configuration give you greater flexibility than is possible with the Q 3200.

Weber Q2000 vs Q2200 Review At first glance the Q2000 and Q2200 look similar but there are two difference worth noting.  The Q2200 has an upgraded ignition system and a built in lid thermometer.  The lid thermometer is more important than you might think and, for me, serves a different purpose than just indicating temperature.

Weber Q 3200 Review: A Great Grill With 3 Problems I really like the full sized Weber Q 3200 gas grill and it gets great customer reviews.  The Q 3200 is compact but still has a tremendous amount of grilling area.  The grill is solidly built and will last for years.  While I am a fan of this grill it does have three issues that are minor to me but aggravate many owners.

Weber Q1200 vs Q2200: A close look at the differences between these two upgraded Q Series grills.  While you might think that bigger is better I decided the opposite was true and bought the Q1200 for my deck.

Weber Smart Grills With WiFi: The Weber Smart gas grills are equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth which enables you to remotely monitor the internal temperature of the food you are grilling.  I appreciate the thought behind these grills but they are products that I would never buy.

Weber Natural Gas Conversion Kit A lot of people want to convert their propane fueled grills over to natural gas.  The problem is that Weber does not offer a natural gas conversion kit.  There is an aftermarket conversion kit but use it at your own risk as it will void the warranty on your grill.

Weber Charcoal Grill Information

Weber Kettle Grills: The Five Worst and Five Best Options Weber kettles are among the best charcoal grills available but not all of them are great buys.  There are a few models that I would completely avoid (Smokey Joe, Ranch) and some that are tough to choose between.  Check out the article and see which ones I think are the best.

Weber Jumbo Joe Guide I have an irrational love for the Weber Jumbo Joe.  The Jumbo is an 18 inch portable grill that does double duty as a spectacular smoker.  If you need a portable charcoal grill then the Jumbo Joe is the ONLY choice to consider.

Weber Performer Deluxe vs Premium There are several different charcoal grills that carry the Performer badge and the differences are not always obvious. This article breaks down the difference between the “Deluxe” and Premium” Performer models to help you decide which one is right for you.

Weber Master Touch Review: Original vs Premium The Master Touch grills are a step above a standard 22 inch kettle and a step below a Performer.  The Premium version comes with a hinged lid and is set up with a charcoal ring and heat diffuser for Low and Slow barbecue but the initial customer reviews are not great.

Weber Ranch Kettle Review The Ranch is the biggest charcoal grill Weber makes and is visually stunning.  I interviewed several people that own the Ranch and got them to talk about the pros and cons of the grill.

Weber Grill Parts

Weber Charcoal Grill Accessories: 18 Great Ideas For Your Kettle! One of the best things about having a Weber kettle is playing around with all of the gadgets that people make for these grills.  You can get rotisseries, a Slow n Sear, a Ribolater, grilling baskets, charcoal baskets and a ton of other fun tools for your grill.

Stainless Steel Weber Kettle Grill Grates The cooking grate that comes with most Weber kettles is functional but not very exciting.  There are a ton of other options for better cooking grates that include cast iron, stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

Weber Kettle Rotisserie Options If you want a rotisserie for your kettle you have several choices.  There are three or four companies making rotisserie assemblies and they are available for 18, 22 and 26 inch grills.

Other Information

Weber Smokefire vs Traeger Ironwood Weber entered the pellet grill market in 2020 with the Weber Smokefire.  The Smokefire was designed to compete head to head with the Ironwood grills from Traeger.  Weber was aggressive with innovations and tried to put out an amazing grill but fell short in execution.

Weber Electric Grill Options: Weber makes three exceptional electric grills.  The Q1400 and Q2400 have the same sleek design as the Weber Q gas grills and consistently get amazing customer reviews.  The Weber Q Pulse 2000 is a stunning, dual element grill with every bell and whistle you can imagine and comes with a price tag to match.

Napoleon Grills vs Weber One of Weber’s top competitors in the world of high end gas grills is Napoleon.  Napoleon makes fine grills and this article is a head to head comparison of the brands.

Weber Rotisserie Guide A quick start guide for how to use a rotisserie on your gas or charcoal grill.  Rotisserie grilling is a blast and a great reason to fire up your grill.

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