I have gotten Griddle Fever recently and fallen in love with cooking breakfast outdoors.  I am perfecting my smashburger technique and learning all of the ways that you can have fun with a griddle.

For years Blackstone and Camp Chef were the only serious players in the griddle market but Nexgrill, Blue Rhino and Pit Boss have entered the scene in a serious manner.

Pork Chops on Griddle

Pit Boss Tabletop Griddle Review: One and Two Burner Options Pit Boss has multiple tabletop griddle options and I chose the standard two burner option over the single burner and the Sportsman model.  I really like the griddle and have had a lot of fun cooking burgers and steaks.

Blackstone Griddle Review Blackstone is the dominant player in the outdoor griddle market and they make several different sizes.  This article is a look at teh 17, 22 and 36 inch griddles along with all of the associated customer reviews that I could find.

Blackstone Tailgater vs Camp Chef Both Blackstone and Camp Chef make a portable grill and griddle combination unit that are designed for tailgating and camping.  The two brands are extremely similar in design, quality and customer reviews.  If I had to pick between the two then I would probably go with the Blackstone as I think it has the better burner configuration.

Blackstone Range Top Combo Review The Blackstone Range Top Combo is a cart mounted 36 inch griddle coupled with a propane fired side burner that heats up a deep fryer.  You can cook smashburgers on the griddles while making French fries in the deep fryer.  This is a fun concept and a beautiful unit. After reading through all of the customer reviews it sounds like the only problem with the Range Top Combo is that the side burner is undersized and has a hard time getting the oil in the deep fryer to temperature.

Best Commercial Griddles and Flat Top Grills The Blackstone, Camp Chef and Pit Boss griddles are great for use in your backyard but are not designed for commercial operation.  Have you ever wondered what griddles they use at places like Waffle House and other restaurants?

Portable Gas Griddle Options Not everyone needs a giant 36 inch griddle. It turns out that there are plenty of small, portable griddles that are more than capable of cooking up a feast.  Here is a look at some of the best options if you are in the market for a small griddle.

Blue Rhino Griddle Review Blue Rhino sells a nice looking line of griddles which are named the Razor Series.  I give Blue Rhino credit for putting out some nice products but I still do not like them as a company.

Arteflame Grills and Weber Kettle Insert Arteflame makes a beautiful steel insert ring that lets you convert your Weber kettle into a wood fired griddle.

Nexgrill 28 and 36 Inch Griddle Review Nexgrill makes a 28 and 36 inch griddle that compete head to head with the similarly sized Blackstone griddles.  Although the griddles look almost identical there is a significant difference in how the griddle top is constructed which results in frequent warpage of the Nexgrill cook surface.