Weber Spirit S 315 and Spirit SP 335 Reviewed

Weber Spirit S315 vs SP 335

Weber introduced two new stainless steel Spirit grills for the 2020 grilling season, the Spirit S 315 and SP 335. 

These are beautiful three burner grills that have a lot to offer.  Let’s take a look at how the two grills compare to each other as well as to the other Weber Spirit three burner gas grills.

Weber Spirit S315 vs SP 335

Weber Spirit S 315 Review

Here are the base specifications for the S 315:

  • Burners: Three burners with top output of 32,000 BTU/hr
  • Cooking Area: 454 square inches
  • Grates: Porcelain enameled cast iron
  • Warranty: Lid, cookbox and burner tubes (10 years), Cooking Grate (5 Years), Everything Else (2 Years)
  • Fuel: LP or Natural Gas
  • MSRP: $599

Weber Spirit S 315Spirit S 315 vs 310 vs 315 User Reviews

Weber currently has three other basic three burner grills in the Spirit Series. (See this article about the Spirit 310 vs 315 for current information.)

  • Spirit E 310
  • Spirit E 315 (A Home Depot Exclusive)
  • Spirit II E 310

I pulled the user reviews for all four grills from the Weber, Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon and Ace Hardware websites and ended up with over 28,000 data points.  Here is how these basic three burner grills compare in terms of user satisfaction.

Weber Spirit E 310, II E 310, S 315 and E 315 Reviews

The data is extremely similar across all four grills which should not be surprising given how much alike they all are.



Weber Spirit Reviews E 310 II E 310 S 315 E 315
5 Star 77.35% 77.67% 73.08% 80.19%
4 Star 14.60% 14.93% 16.83% 11.84%
3 Star 3.79% 3.79% 4.68% 3.50%
2 Star 1.70% 1.52% 2.57% 2.14%
1 Star 2.57% 2.09% 2.86% 2.33%

When you combine the 5 Star and 4 Star reviews the grills all have about a 90% satisfaction rating.

Reading through the negative comments for these grills revealed three common issues.

  • It is hard to fit the propane tank into the cabinet under the grill.
  • The side of the grill near the handle gets very hot.
  • The small wheels make moving the grill difficult.

A complaint that was unique to the S 315 was that while the burner control knobs are pretty the pale white on stainless design makes it very hard to see what position the knobs are in.  Apparently it is easy to forget the the grill is turned on when you don’t have a strong visual indicator.

Spirit 315 knobs


Depending upon when you are reading this I will suggest that the best grill out of the four basic three burner Spirit grills is the Spirit II E 310.  I believe this grill is no longer being manufactured and Weber is working its way through remaining inventory.

Weber Spirit II E 310

Why The Spirit II E 310 Is The Best

There are four reasons why you should buy the Spirit II E 310 instead of the other basic three burner grills.

  • The propane tank fits on the side of the grill.  Trying to get the tank under the cabinet on the other models was the biggest complaint.
  • Two large wheels for easy moving.
  • Highly visible position markings on the burner knobs.
  • Much better warranty!

The Spirit II grills come with a 10 year warranty on all components while the regular Spirit grills have a 10 year warranty on he firebox but only a 5 year warranty on the rest of the components.

The best part is that, at the time of this writing (June, 2020), the Spirit II E 310 is the least expensive of all four grills.

Weber Spirit SP 335 Review

Here are the base specifications for the SP 335:

  • Burners: Three burners with top output of 32,000 BTU/hr
  • Side Burner: 12,000 BTU/hr
  • Sear Station: 7,500 BTU/hr
  • Cooking Area: 454 square inches
  • Grates: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: Lid, cookbox and burner tubes (10 years), Cooking Grate (5 Years), Everything Else (2 Years)
  • Fuel: LP
  • MSRP: $699

Weber Spirit SP 335

Hands down, the Spirit SP 335 is a much better grill than the Spirit S 315!  While the two grills are the same size the extra features that come with the SP 335 make it worth the extra money.  The S 335 comes with the following three big upgrades:

  • Side Burner
  • Sear Station Burner
  • Stainless Steel Cook Grate

The Sear Station is an extra burner inside the cook box that you fire up when you want to really sear a steak.  It is a nice feature!  I also really like the stainless steel cooking grate that is made from rods of stainless steel that are 7 mm thick.

Spirit S 335 vs Spirit E 330

The side burner and Sear Station are big selling points for the S 335 but you can also get those features on the more affordable Spirit E 330.  The biggest differences between the two grills is that the E 300 is made of porcelain enameled steel instead of stainless and the grates are cast iron instead of stainless.

I pulled all of the real world user reviews I could find for these two grills and came back with 1,732 reviews for the E 330 and 103 reviews for the S 335.

Spirit E 330 and Spirit S 335 Reviews

At first glance it looks like the E 330 has better reviews than the S 335 but please remember that there are not that many reviews available (103) for the S 335 so we don’t have a complete picture yet.  Also note that when you combine the 5 Star and 4 star reviews for the grills they both come back with a 90% satisfaction rating.



Weber Spirit Reviews E 330 S 335
5 Star 78.26% 67.96%
4 Star 12.44% 22.33%
3 Star 4.70% 3.88%
2 Star 1.53% 2.91%
1 Star 3.07% 2.91%

The biggest complaint for these grills were the same as for the basic three burner grills with the biggest issue being that it is hard to get the propane tank attached due to its location under the cabinet.

Choosing between these two grills is tough and will probably come down to whether you want stainless steel or whether you want to save some money. 

If you really want the stainless then let me give you just enough justification to spend the extra money.  The S 335 has a cooking grate made from 7 mm stainless steel rods that I love.  The stainless rod grate is easier to clean and gives better grill marks than the cast iron grate on the E 330.