How to Grill Costco's Baby Back Ribs

The three pack of baby back ribs at Costco are one of the many reasons that I am happy to pay for my annual Costco membership. 

You Should Know...

These ribs are fantastic for three reasons: – They Are Packaged as a Three Pack – The Membrane is Already Removed – The Ribs Are Extra Meaty

Let's Get Grilling

First, rinse and dry the ribs. Then, apply a liberal coating of Bone Sucking Sauce seasoning blend.

How to Smoke the Ribs

Wait 30 minutes for the rub to penetrate the meat then smoke them at 225F for 4-5 hours. I always use apple wood pellets for these ribs.

After 3 hours...

Start spritzing the ribs with water every 30 minutes. I always start testing for doneness after 4 hours.

How to Sauce the Ribs

After the ribs are done, I always apply a layer of Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce. It provides just the right flavor.

How to Know When the Ribs are Done

You'll know the ribs are done when a toothpick can easily slide through the meat.

Try This Too

While you're at Costco, check out their Lobster Tails. They grill up quickly and taste delicious when dipped in melted butter.