When Do Weber Grills Go On Sale?

Weber Grills on Sale Today

If you want the best grilling experience then you probably want to buy a Weber grill. The problem is, Weber grills are pretty expensive and it hurts a little to pay the full retail price.

With a little work and patience though it is possible to find a nice deal on a Weber.  This naturally leads to the question, “When do Weber grills go on sale?”

Keep reading and we will cover how you can save money on a Weber by:

  • Looking for Seasonal Deals
  • Taking Advantage of New Model Introductions
  • Finding Today’s Clearance Deals on Amazon
  • Rehabbing an Old or Damaged Grill

Weber Genesis Grill on Sale

About Weber Pricing

Weber’s MAP pricing refers to advertised prices, and means that when you search for a grill, you will find uniform pricing from every authorized retailer. However, stores are still allowed to offer in-store sales, discounts, and reward programs.

If you are attempting to negotiate with a store employee who says that Weber’s pricing forbids discounts, they are incorrect: Weber’s pricing prohibits advertising any discounts. This makes Weber discounts and sales hard to find, even when they exist, but they are out there if you are vigilant.

Taking Advantage of Big Box Seasonal Sales on Grills

It’s no surprise that summer is peak barbecue season, and grills are in high demand from Father’s Day through Labor Day. This means that many retailers have discounts and sales in early spring, to make room for new inventory.

Big box stores and showrooms, in particular, may be eager to get rid of older floor models, and may be open to negotiating a discount. This typically means visiting retailers in person, looking for floor and demo models, rather than shopping online.

Weber Sales After New Model Introductions

Weber typically introduces new models every year or every other year. This almost always means that the previous model becomes discounted, and is easier to find on sale.

New models are typically announced by press release and on the Weber website at the end of the prior year, and the older models are typically available on sale beginning in February or March of the following year.

For example, in 2022 Weber introduced the new Weber Genesis 325S grill and immediately dropped the price of the older Genesis II models by a couple hundred bucks.

Finding TODAY’S Best Deals on a Weber Grill on Amazon

I have set up a search function link below that will take you to the best deals on different Weber grills that are live on Amazon today.  I have no idea on what day you are reading this so I can’t tell you exactly which models are on sale and how great the deals are.

If one of these listings on Amazon says “Click to See Price” then you have found an amazing deal as the price will be lower than Weber allows sellers to advertise.

Weber Grills on Sale Today

Click to See Today’s Best Weber Grill Deals on Amazon.

Other Ways to Get a Deal on a Weber Grill

Unlike other manufacturers, Weber extends their warranty and customer service to retailers as well. That means that they replace products that may have been damaged in shipping, and means that there are virtually no discount Weber grills available as customer returns, slightly damaged models, or other cosmetic defects that may get you discounts on other products.

Inventory Clearance

One option for a discount on a Weber grill is, again, with retailers and big box stores, who clear out summer inventory at the end of the year to make room for holiday merchandise. This transition is often accompanied by sales and discounts on summer items, and September is the prime month for these deals.

Promo Codes

Another option is to use promo codes with online retailers, if you can find them. Amazon and many brick-and-mortar retailers offers rebates for signing up for their rewards cards, which can give you a rebate on your Weber grill.

Set an Alert

Google Shopping as well as a number of shopping apps like Slickdeals will monitor product prices for you and send you an alert when the product goes on sale.

Occupational Discount

Some retailers offer special promo codes and discounts for certain occupations, like first responders, law enforcement, and military personnel.

Devoted Fans

Weber grills have an active and passionate following. Participating in online forums and discussion groups may give you insight into discounts, upcoming sales, new product launches, and other insider tips that will help you get the best price on a new grill.

Personal Resellers

You may be able to pick up an affordable Weber grill from online resale sites like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and sites like that. In almost all cases, buying a Weber grill from that kind of reseller will mean that you won’t be able to get the famous Weber warranty, but you would still have a high-quality Weber grill

Buy a Rehabbed Grill, or Do It Yourself

Rehabbing Weber grills is incredibly popular, because the bodies of these grills are so durable, and replacement parts are so easy to get.

If you can find a Weber grill that isn’t rusted, can perform basic repairs and troubleshooting, and are prepared to spend a long time cleaning, scraping, polishing, and perhaps painting, you can get a high quality grill that looks and cooks like new. These grills won’t have a warranty, of course, but can still provide years of quality and enjoyment, at an affordable price.


As a general rule, prior model Webers will go on sale every year or two, when a new model launches. And big box stores, home improvement stores, and other retailers may offer sales and discounts in order to make the most of their floor space and seasonal inventory.

Get to know the seasonal patterns at your local home improvement stores, hardware stores, and other retailers and be ready to pounce when the moment is right. You can get a great deal on a Weber, but it pays to be prepared and move fast.