How to Convert Your Weber Grill to Natural Gas

Weber Grill

If your Weber grill is designed to run on propane and you want to convert it over to natural gas then this article will show you what you need to do.  Please keep in mind that although Weber used to routinely supply conversion kits they now state that performing the conversion is dangerous and will void your warranty.

What Is Involved In Converting the Grill?

To switch fuel sources you are going to need to change the regulator and install new orifices for each burner tube.

Something to keep in mind is that you will need to change the orifice for EVERY burner on the grill including any side burners and, if you have a Summit, rotisserie burners.

Actually changing out the orifice for each burner is pretty easy.  Here is how you perform the swap in older grills which have side mounted burner controls:

Here is how you perform the swap in newer grills with front mounted burner controls.

The conversion is inexpensive with each orifice costing around $6 and regulators costing about $40.

The Hard Part of the Conversion

The hardest part of performing the conversion is figuring out what size orifice you need based on your grill.  The size of the orifice Weber uses has changed over the years.  Depending upon when your grill was made and whether it had front or side mounted burners there are different sized orifices.

Some examples:

Part # 88832: 3/8 inch orifice for Weber Genesis and Spirit grills with Side Mounted Burner Controls

Part # 88815: 7 mm orifice for Weber Genesis and Spirit grills with Side Mounted Burner Controls

Part # 88813: 1/4 inch orifice for Weber Summits made after 2005.

Here is a selection guide to buy the right orifice for your grill.  Here is another link to the see more information about performing the conversion.

I did not find any information on converting the fuel source for a Weber Q 3200.

Great Big Disclaimer

I wrote this post after I got about 20 requests from folks asking me how to do the conversion.  I searched the bbq forums and found lots of conflicting information so I decided to summarize the information provided by the company that sells the conversion kits.

I do NOT have first hand experience in converting fuel sources for grills and as such cannot make an assessment as to whether or not the information in the videos above is reliable.

Remember, Weber says that this conversion is dangerous, should not be performed and will void your warranty.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the company that provides the conversion orifices custom drills them for your order based upon the regulator and orifice part number that you supply.  Since these products are custom drilled they cannot be returned so make sure you measure twice before ordering.