Weber Q 3200 Review: A Great Grill with 3 Problems

Weber Q 3200 Review

The Weber Q 3200 is a sleek, high performance grill that is a fan favorite across the world.  The Q 3200 is the largest grill in the Q series and has some nice accessories to make the grilling experience even more fun.

While the Q 3200 is a fine grill there are a few issues with its performance that you should be aware of.  Let’s take a look at the features on this grill and do a deep dive into the real world customer reviews to see if this grill is right for you.

Weber Q 3200 Review


Key Features of the Weber Q 3200

This Q 3200 is a two burner, cart mounted grill that, in my opinion, looks sharp.  Here is a quick rundown of the features and specifications of this grill.

Q 3200 Features
Grate Size 393 sq in
Burger Capacity 14 burgers
Grate Material
Enameled Cast Iron
BTUs/Hr 21,700
BTU/Sq In 55
Cart Yes
Grill Light Yes
Side Tables Yes
Warming Rack Yes

This grill is easily big enough to cook for a family of four.

The body of this grill is cast aluminum and the cart and frame are plastic.  These materials of construction make the grill perfect for use by the pool or in coastal regions where the high salt concentration quickly corrodes grills made of steel.

The warranty for the grill is generous with the components being covered as follows:

  • Cook Box and Lid: 5 Years
  • Burner Tubes: 5 Years
  • Cast Iron Grate: 5 Years
  • Regulator: 2 Years
  • Ignition: 2 Years

The handle mounted grill light and dual side tables are extremely useful upgrades.

The Q 3200 is the only grill in the Q series that can be run on either propane or natural gas.  Make sure you order the right one for your fuel source as you cannot covert fuel sources after purchase.  If you choose the propane option then it comes with the regulator and hose that allows you to use a 20 pound propane tank.

The Q 3200 is designed to be a cart mounted grill and is not designed to be removed from the cart for use as a portable gas grill.

This grill is Made in the USA from globally sourced components.

Customer Reviews for the Weber Q 3200

This grill has been around for a long time so there are plenty of customer reviews for us to explore.  I grabbed all of the ratings for this grill from the Home Depot and Lowes websites and compiled them into a single data set.  As of January, 2021 this data set included 1,490 customer reviews which are plotted below.

Weber Q 3200 Customer Reviews

The Weber Q 3200 has 80% 5 Star ratings and 12% 4 Star ratings for an overall customer satisfaction rating of 92%.

Let’s take a look at what people love and dislike about this grill.

Things That Are Great About the Q 3200

When you read through the customer reviews you find there are several reasons why people love this grill.

The grill gets hot enough to get great sear marks and the heavy cast iron grates are excellent at retaining heat.  People are delighted that such a compact grill has serious high heat grilling ability.

The grill is compact enough to fit into tight spaces but still offers a ton of cooking space.  The lid is tall enough to let you cook a beer can chicken and there is enough grate space for a big pile of chicken wings.  Cooking four big ribeye steaks at a time is no problem.

The grill is easy to assemble, cleans easily and is relatively low maintenance.  This is solid construction that will last for years.

There is are two accessories available for this grill, a griddle and a rotisserie, that really ramp up your grilling fun.   You can use the griddle to cook breakfast favorites like bacon and eggs or pancakes outside.  You can use the rotisserie to cook whole chickens, pork loins and even beef roasts.

Problems With the Q 3200

While the Q 3200 is an excellent grill it does have some drawbacks compared to Weber’s two burner Weber Spirit.  The three biggest complaints about the grill are:

  • Hard to reach the propane tank.
  • The burners clog.
  • No real indirect grilling.

The propane tank for this grill is located behind the decorative grid.  In order to reach the tank to turn it on or off you need to bend down and reach around the grid and then twist the valve while in an awkward position.  This is not a deal buster but it is annoying enough that several people mentioned the issue.

The second issue is that the burners clog easily.  Most grills have “Flavorizer Bars” above the burner tubes that serve several purposes, one of which is protecting the burners from grill debris.  There are no Flavorizer bars on the Q 3200 which means the burners are directly exposed to anything that drips down from the cooking grate.  This direct exposure leads to clogging of the burner tubes.

Cleaning out the burner tube ports is pretty easy.  You can clear out each port with a needle or a straightened paper clip and it will only take about five minutes to complete the task. Again, this is not a deal breaker but will add some extra maintenance.

The last significant issue with the grill is that while this is a two burner grill there is no easy way to set up the grill for indirect cooking.  Here is a look at the burner configuration on the Q 3200.

Q 3200 Burners

There is a large burner that follows the circumference of the grill and a smaller burner that heats the center of the grill.  This configuration is excellent for controlling the heat of the entire grill but prevents you from setting up a two zone cooking system.

Should You Buy This Grill?

If you buy the Q 3200 then you are going to have a great grill that you will enjoy using.  The real question to ask is, “Is this my best option?”

Unless you are absolutely sold on the styling of the Q, or need a grill that can survive in coastal conditions, then you ought to take at least a few minutes to consider a two burner Weber Spirit grill.  I wrote up a comparison of the Weber Q 3200 vs Weber Spirit grills that points out a few reasons why the Spirit might be a better option for you.  

Another article you might want to read is Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 that explains why I bought the Q1200.

Do you have any questions about this grill that this review did not answer?  If so then leave them in the comments below and I will do my best to find an answer!