Weber Genesis Silver Parts And Repair Guide For A, B and C Model Grills

Weber Genesis Silver Badge

There has been enough interest in the Genesis Silver line of grills (A, B and C Models) that I decided to go ahead and publish a complete parts list for these grills.  The original post from 2014 about the restoration I did for a two burner Silver A is included after the parts list.

Parts List For the Genesis Silver Grills (A, B, C)

Production of the Genesis Silver Series stopped in 2005 but there are still a ton of these grills in use.  All of these grill have burner tubes that run from left to right and employ the cross over ignition system.

Genesis Silver A Parts

The Silver A is a two burner gas grill that I flat out love.  The grill is just like a terrier: Cute, Compact and Powerful.  The Genesis Silver A is no longer available but Weber’s new Spirit grills are amazing alternatives.

Genesis Silver B Parts

The Silver B is a full sized three burner gas grill that does not have a side burner.  The Silver B was the most popular grill in the Silver series.

Genesis Silver C Parts

The Genesis Silver C is a full sized three burner grill with an extended frame that housed a side burner.

Parts That I Can’t Find

While most of the parts for the Silver Series are readily available there are some that I have not been able to find.  These include:

  • Replacement Lid Assembly
  • Replacement Frame Body
  • Replacement Side Tables (Fixed or Swinging)

How I Fixed A Genesis Silver A Grill

For you folks that prefer videos instead of text here is a great instructional video on how to repair a Genesis Silver that shows just how easy the process is.

And now, on with my little story from a few years ago 🙂 

I was surfing Craigslist last weekend and saw a listing for a Weber Genesis Silver for $25.  I shot the folks an email and they called me back to let me know that the grill grate needed  to be replaced and the burner tubes were shot.  An hour later I had this classic Weber gasser sitting in my front yard.

Weber Genesis Silver

This is a little two burner Weber Genesis Silver A.  My brother-in-law has one of these and I have always enjoyed cooking on his.  I was excited to finally have one of these little classics for my own collection 🙂

When I picked the grill up I saw that it came with the heavy duty cast iron grates.  This was a pleasant surprise as I have never owned cast iron grill grates and I hadn’t realized that Weber made them for the Silver A.  The grates were severely rusted but did not need to be replaced.

Rusted Cast Iron grate

I scraped massive amounts of surface rust off the grates with a couple different sized wire brushes.

removing Rust from cast iron

I did not do a rigorous rust removal procedure.  If you want to go nuts and get ALL the rust off of your cast iron then you can hook those bad boys up to a battery charger.  I did rub the grates with some Crisco and baked them in an oven for a couple of hours to lay down an initial seasoning layer.  They came out looking okay..not incredible but definitely usable.

Cleaned up cast iron

Now, about those busted burner tubes.  It turns out that the two burner tubes were in pretty nice shape.  What was busted was the cross-over ignition tube.  The cross-over tube had crumbled away with just the ends stuck into the two burners.

I used some Liquid Wrench, a pair of needle nose pliers and patience to pull the last of the cross-over ignition tube out of the two burners.

Broken Crossover TubeOne side came out easy.  The other side took a day of soaking.  That’s okay…I had plenty of time.  I knew I had plenty of time because I had called Weber customer service and told them what I was up to and that I needed a new cross-over tube.  They sold me the part for $5, waived the shipping fee, and told me that it would be here in five days.  On a serious note, when you are dealing with rusty grill parts I really, really, really recommend using Liquid Wrench instead of WD-40.  It makes a difference.

Liquid Wrench Works

In order to replace the cross-over tube you need to loosen up the burner assembly.  This sounds daunting but really only requires removing two butterfly nuts.  It takes three minutes and no tools; no big deal.

Weber Cross Over ignition

The back burner tube did have quite a few clogged gas ports.  I fixed this by gently cleaning each port with the sharp end of a pair of tweezers.

Cleaning out the Burner tubes

This did the trick and ended up giving a real nice flame pattern.

Nice Flame pattern

Everything got put back together and for a total investment of $30 I have another sweet little Weber grill in the collection!

Weber Genesis Silver Badge

All of this fiddling around with the cross-over tube got me into a grumpy old man routine because Weber isn’t making things like they used to.  More specifically, the newest Weber gas grills (ex: Weber Genesis S-330) do not utilize a cross-over ignition system.  You might be wondering why anybody would ever care about a stupid metal tube.  I care about the stupid metal tube because at one point in time Weber acknowledged that sometimes stuff breaks.  By “stuff” I mean the grill ignition system.

If you have stayed with me to this point then let me pause and say, “God bless you.”  Okay, now back to ranting.

The ignition system on all gas grills eventually break.  The Weber systems last longer than most but in the end they all break.  So what happens when the ignition system breaks?  How do you light the grill?  On older Weber gas grills the answer was pretty simple.  Light a match or lighter, stick in through the hole on the front of the grill body and light the front burner.  Once the front burner was lit the cross-over ignition tube would carry the flame to the other burners and you could light them by opening the gas flow to the burner tubes. This is a simple solution to a routine problem.

What do you do when the ignition system breaks on a new Weber gas grill like the Weber Genesis S 330 that does not have the cross-over system?  Every burner on this grill has it’s own ignition switch.  Take a close look at the front of this grill.  Do you see a hole to manually light a burner.  Nope…neither do I.

Weber Genesis S 330

To manually light a burner on a new Weber gasser you have to remove the grill grate and Flavorizer bars.  What a pain in the butt!  Come on, Weber…just give us a solid cross-over system a drill a little hole in the front!  This design worked great for 25 years.  Why change something that worked great?

Enough with a bunch of crazy ranting about a $5 piece of tubing. If you find yourself with an opportunity to grab a Weber Genesis Silver then jump on it!  The entire line of Silver grills (two and three burner) were excellent grills.  They are easy to work on and replacement parts are readily available.




  1. Dana Eckermann

    What area in the country are you from?I’ll take it off your hands 🙂 .Good find,most other grills in that condition you just junk them (not webers).Good luck with it !!!

    • David

      Dana, I am in Baton Rouge, Louisana. If you are ever in the area you are welcome to pick this guy up and give him a new home! Thanks for dropping by!

      • Dana Eckermann

        Great college town,great food and very good football.I live in Montgomery,not a lot here.Take care.

  2. Dave

    This makes me happy. As a wedding present, my wife’s family bought us the three-burner version of this grill. That was April 2003. I still have and use the grill regularly. I replaced the 5 V-bars as they rusted away. But everything else is still holding strong. The grates are covered in all sorts of hamburger grease, and therefore not a spec of rust. Even the ignition system still works on the first click. I do need a new cover for it though.

    • David

      Dave, very pleased to meet you! I appreciate you dropping by the blog. Glad to hear that your grates are holding up well. I might need to grill burgers for the next month or two to get the grate back in proper shape. It would be as good of an excuse as any to practice my burger game 🙂

  3. Kyle

    I needed a new grill as my old non-Weber had rusted out. I had pretty much settled on buying a new Weber Spirit 210, but most of what I read about them indicated they weren’t as solid as the ‘real’ Webers. I didn’t want or need a large grill, and moving to a larger new Genesis would have cost substantially more and taken up more space on my patio. I hit Craigslist and picked up a Genesis Silver A for $80 including a cover and a tank of propane. It was a bit dirty, but an hour or so of cleaning resulted in a grill that looks nearly new. The igniter worked, but the ‘box’ was rusted out so I picked up a new one for $10. Total investment of $90 and an hour or so of work netted me a great little grill that fits in the space I have for it. Thanks for posting info up about these grills and the spare parts. I’m going to pick up some of the stainless flavorizer bars for spares to replace the ones I have whenever they rust out…

    Some photos:

    • David


      Thank you for sharing the pictures of your “new” grill!

      I hope it brings you many years of grilling happiness 🙂

      The Silver As are beautiful little grills. Thanks for giving that one a new home!!

  4. Jodi

    We are working on restoring a Weber Genesis Silver just like yours. So far, everything is in pretty good working order except that it doesn’t seem to heat above 250-300 deg. All gas ports seem clear. Any suggestions?

    • David

      Sounds like there might be an issue with the gas regulator. Try closing the regulator, and closing the gas valves. Wait a while then slowly open the regulator and then try lighting. There is a safety valve inside the regulator that gets tripped sometimes and this process will reset it.

  5. Pete d

    I just picked up the 3 burner version of this same models and year for $50 (with a full tank of propane and authentic cover). The burners, grill and frame are in great shape barring a little rust and paint.

    The cast iron grills are in rough shape like yours but with rust flaking and carbon buildup that I can’t get rid off. I did as much as I can with wire brushes but I think I’m going to throw them in the oven cleaning cycle. Then I’m planning to use a rotary wire brush and get it down to the metal and smooth it. Then I’ll need to reseason them.

    Besides a couple of hours of work, I’ll only need to buy the warming racks and an igniter. So for $100 I’ll have a near new 3 burner 2000 Weber Genesis Silver B grill!

    • David

      Awesome find, Pete!

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