AMAZING Boneless Beef Ribs from Costco

Here is what I did to make a fast batch of pretty tasty “burnt ends”.  

Buy Boneless Beef Short Ribs

To speed up the process, I bought a three pound pack of boneless beef short ribs from Costco. They were about an inch thick with beautiful marbling.

Cut Them Up

Cut the beef ribs into one inch cubes. Pro tip: Use The Most Powerful Stuff, from Rod Grey of the Pellet Envy barbecue team  for the rub.

Cut Them Up and Rub 'em Down

Homemade Rub

If you don't have that rub, make this one: – 1/2 c salt – 1/2 c black pepper – 1/2 c smoked paprika – 1/4 c turbinado sugar – 1/4 c chili powder – 1 tsp Accent (MSG)

Smoke the Beef

I smoked these on my Weber kettle using indirect high heat but you can do this on your Traeger, Pit Boss or pellet grill of choice running at 275-300F. 

Sauce and Foil

After an hour, I transferred the cubes to a foil pan and tossed them with a bottle of Head Country Hot and Spicy barbecue sauce , 1 stick of melted butter and 3 Tbsp honey.

Put Back on the Smoker

Cover the pan tightly with foil and put it back on the smoker. Let the meat simmer in the sauce for another 90 minutes. Stir every 20 minutes.

Are They Good?

These were fantastic and they only took two and a half hours to make a big plate. To me, that makes them even better than brisket!

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