The Weber Jumbo Joe is an awesome little grill. You don’t really need to add anything to the Jumbo but BBQ and gadgets just kind of go together. So without further delay, here are ten fun Weber Jumbo Joe accessories to add to you grilling adventures.

1. Hinged Cooking Grate: The standard grate that comes with the Jumbo Joe is lame. You More room on the Jumbo Joewill want to upgrade to either the hinged grate (~$15) or to the Craycort cast iron (~$70).

2. Craycort Cast Iron Grate: These cast iron grates are sweet as heck! Everybody I know that owns a set of Craycort grates love them! There is an awesome little video at the end of this list from my buddy Steve at showing the Craycort grates on a Jumbo Joe.

3. Heavy Duty Premium 304 Stainless Steel Charcoal Baskets A simple little addition that makes banking the coals for long indirect cooks incredibly simple.  These come as a set of two baskets but you only need one of them.  Don’t waste your money on the cheap aluminum baskets from Weber.  Spend an extra 10 bucks and get the heavy duty stainless steel baskets.

3.5  Slow N Sear Charcoal Basket for the Jumbo

Small Slow N Sear

The folks over at the Adrenaline Barbecue Company have made a mini-Slow N Sear charcoal basket for the Jumbo!  They are available made from either aluminized metal or stainless steel.

4. GrillGrates: These sit on top of the regular grate and completely transform the grilling experience. I have the two panel configuration and use them on my Jumbo and my 22.5 inch kettle. Weber Jumbo Joe Grilled Catfish

5. Kettle-Q Round Griddle: Transforms your Jumbo Joe into a griddle. You can use this to make smash burgers or grill up a nice breakfast of bacon, hash browns and eggs over-easy. After the Craycort video at the end of this list is another great video from Steve showing the KettleQ on the Jumbo Joe.  You could also pick up the  Weber Portable Griddle. Similar to the KettleQ but smaller, cheaper and a Weber product. This was designed for the Weber Q 300 portable gas grill but it also fits the Jumbo Joe.  An added bonus of the Weber griddle is that it lets the lid on the Jumbo Joe completely close.  The Kettle-Q makes you keep the lid open.

6.  Weber Portable Grill Tools: These stainless steel tongs and spatula are high grade Weber products that have been made small enough to fit inside the Jumbo Joe for easy transportation and storage.  They look beautiful and work even better.Weber Grill Tools

7. Tel-Tru BQ225 Pit Thermometer: If you want to add a thermometer to the Jumbo then I suggest you use the Tel-Tru and insert it through the screw hole on the top air damper.

8. KettlePizza Deluxe: Now we are getting serious! The fine folks over at Kettle Pizza were kind enough to send me a unit to try on the Jumbo. I had a lot of fun making pizza on the Jumbo Joe! I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it easily adjusts to also fit on my 22.5 inch kettle. Sweet!  Here is a post I wrote showing how I use the Kettle Pizza on the Weber Jumbo Joe.

Great Weber Jumbo Joe Accessories

9. 18-1/2 Inch Charcoal Kettle Rotisserie: The rotisserie from Onlyfire is porcelain enameled steel and costs about $70. Here is a look at the Onlyfire rotisserie in a picture sent in by a great guy, Mike.Another Jumbo_Joe Rotisserie

Be sure to check out the Weber Rotisserie Guide for fun rotisserie ideas.

10. Weber Portable Charcoal Table: This is Weber’s table for their portable charcoal grills. The table was really designed for the Smokey Joe grills but works okay with the Jumbo. There are some pros and cons to this table, be sure to read the reviews on Amazon.

If you know of any other Weber Jumbo Joe accessories that ought to be on this list please let me know!

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  1. rich_l

    Does the food grate from a Weber 18.5″ kettle fit the Jumbo Joe? (Warning, this is a trick question) The right answer is MAYBE. Way back when Weber made/sold a Jumbo Joe, a Smokey Joe Platinum and a Tuck n’Carry – an 18″ grill with a lid lock bale that doubled as a lid holder. Then they stopped selling them. Recently Weber brought back that grill as the Jumbo Joe – a few differences between new qnd old old the major one being that a normal 18.5″ grate fits the new JJ but not the old one (a true PITA).

    • David

      Rich, absolutely! Weber made several changes in this version of the Jumbo that are significant improvements.

  2. Skip

    Amazon is out of the covers and doesn’t know when more will be available. Any other sources? Thanks! Skip

    • David

      I haven’t had any more covers made. Some folks have been buying the standard grill cover of the 18.5 OTS and hemming it up.

  3. Great YouTube videos and instructions here, but I have questions about using the Smokenator 180 on the Weber One-Touch Silver. There aren’t many videos on it, but would you recommend using the Smokenator on the One-Touch 18.5? I plan to do a brisket and wonder if it would work.

    • David


      Thanks for dropping by! I bought the Smokenator for my 22.5 inch kettle and ended up giving it away. My buddy Kinger ( has a Smokenator and I believe he loves his.

      Personally I think it’s simpler just to have a small fire and add a little more charcoal every hour.

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