Traeger Pro Series vs Ironwood

Traeger Pro vs Ironwood (575, 650, 780 and 885 Compared)

I have seen a lot of guys standing around at Home Depot trying to figure out the differences between the Traeger Pro Series and Ironwood grills.  Spotting the differences can be tricky because, on the surface, they look pretty similar.

At first glance these grills look similar as they are all powered by Trager’s new D2 Direct Drive and WiFire control systems, have similar body styles and operate from the same basic principles.  These grills all come with a single meat probe and a magnetic door at the base of the pellet hopper for easy clean out. 

Despite the similar appearances there are significant differences between the models. Based upon these differences, if I was in the market to buy a Traeger, then I suspect that I would buy an Ironwood instead of the Pro Series.  

Traeger Ironwood 650