Habanero Grilled Chicken Wings

Grilled Habanero Chicken Wings

I came across a spice lover’s dream when I found the Sonoran Spice Company’s website.  They have quite a few unique peppers and seasoning blends and I decided to give the Habanero grill Seasoning a try.

The Habanero Grill Seasoning is a nice mix of salt, citrus and heat which I figured would be great on some chicken wings!

Habanero Grill Seasoning by Sonoran Spice

Season and Grill The Wings

I had a couple of pounds of chicken wings that were already cut into sections.

The wings were patted dry with paper towels, lightly sprayed with Pam and then tossed with the Habanero Grill Seasoning.

I let the seasoning work into the skin of the wings for about 20 minutes while my Weber Traveler preheated.  The grill was set to Medium High heat and I was using a set of Grill Grate panels to minimize any flareups.

Seasoned Chicken Wings on a Weber Grill

I got the wings on the grill, closed the lid and let them cook for about 40 minutes.  The wings got flipped every 10 minutes and were pulled from the grill when the skin was crispy and the juices in the meat were bubbling.  If you were going by temperature then the internal temperature of the chicken wing was about 190F.

How Were the Habanero Grill Wings?

I served things wings straight off the grill with no sauce.

I loved the color and slight char of the skin.  The wings were pleasantly spicy but not so hot as to scare anybody.  The citrus twang really came through on the wings and was a delightful compliment to the salty habanero heat.

Overall these were some danged nice wings and the Habanero Grill Seasoning is going to get some serious use around my house.  Here is the link to get the Habanero Grill Seasoning and here is the link to learn more about Sonoran Spice.

FYI…for the next batch of wings I am going to mix some of the grill seasoning with sour cream and blue cheese crumbles for a killer dipping sauce!

Grilled Habanero Chicken Wings