Leftover Brisket Trimmings

What to Do with Brisket Trimmings

If you’ve ever bought a packer cut brisket, you may have found yourself regretful just throwing away all those succulent bits you had to remove from the flat’s fat cap and wishing there was an alternative. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with brisket trimmings, wonder no longer.

There is a wide variety of uses for beef trimmings, so next time you prepare a brisket, set them aside for another recipe or a fun project instead of letting them go to waste.

Leftover Brisket Trimmings

Summer Sausage with Crackers and Cheese

Summer Sausage vs Salami

Both summer sausage and salami will scratch your cured meat itch. These delicious snacks come in seemingly endless varieties, are shelf-stable, and have been favorite treats for hundreds of years.

While they are similar, they have different origin stories, moisture content, and texture. So let’s delve into two of our favorite year-round cured meats.

Summer Sausage

Salami vs Pepperoni

Salami vs Pepperoni

Salted, cured meats have always had their place in our pockets, tables, and cravings. However, the varieties and their differences can be a little overwhelming and confusing. Salami and pepperoni are satisfying and delicious but have different backstories and flavors.

Let’s take a quick look at these two famous meats to understand what they have in common.

Salami vs Pepperoni

Genoa Salami

What is Salami Made Of?

Salami is one of the most delicious and appealing cured meats. It's a delightful anytime treat and is terrific as a picnic staple or a midnight snack. However, while salami…
Smoked Mahi Mahi

Smoked Mahi Mahi: Mild and Meaty with Sweet Heat Flavors!

Mahi Mahi is a great fish to cook on a smoker for several reasons.

  • The fish has a mild flavor that acts as a blank canvas for the rub, smoke and sauce. 
  • This meat on this fish is very dense so it doesn’t want to fall apart on the cooker.
  • The fish is not oily so it wont leave a lingering smell in your smoker.

Let’s take a look at one way of smoking Mahi Mahi that I really enjoy.  

Mahi Mahi Filet