Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Reviews: MES 30 and 40 Inch Best Options

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker with Window

2021 has rolled around and it is time to look at the current electric smoker offerings from Masterbuilt.

Masterbuilt Electric Smokers 2019

Trying to figure out the differences between the Masterbuilt electric smokers is a nice way to get your head to explode.  Masterbuilt has two sizes of electric smokers, 30 and 40 inch, and they dress them up with different features and branding to end up with about sixteen to twenty different products (MES 130B, MES 140B, MES 230G, MES 340G, etc).

Combine this with the fact that excess inventory is still available from older designs and you now have about thirty different model numbers to sort through.

The confusion is real.

Rather than try to detail the differences between every single model, let’s take a look at the high level design features of these smokers so you can buy the best one for you and avoid the few stinkers in the lineup.

The Temperature Controller Is Critical

Masterbuilt offers their smokers with three types of temperature controllers:

  • Analog Electric
  • Digital Electric
  • Digital Electric With Bluetooth Connectivity

You want to buy a smoker with a Digital Electric or Digital Electric with Bluetooth temperature controller.

You do NOT want to buy a smoker with an analog temperature controller.

What is Wrong With an Analog Temperature Controller?

An analog temperature controller has a dial that can be turned to “High, Medium, Low” settings.  You can not set a specific temperature with this controller.

Masterbuilt Analog Controller

If you want to smoke ribs at 225F then you need to dial the controller to somewhere in the Low/Medium range and wait 30 minutes to see where the temperature settles.  Then you will need to adjust the dial up or down and wait another 30 minutes and see where you land.

Once you get the temperature exactly where you want it you can take a permanent marker and mark the spot on the controller for next time.  Of course, if the weather is different (windy, cold) then you are going to need a different amount of power and will have to go through the whole dance again.

Do You Want Bluetooth?

Personally I would NOT buy a Bluetooth enabled smoker.

The current Bluetooth smokers have some nice design features including a built in meat thermometer, a viewing window on the front as well as some bright LEDs to help you see inside the smoker.  You can download an app to your phone and use the Bluetooth connection to monitor the internal meat temperature, smoker temperature and change the temperature if desired.

I am turning into a grumpy old man and the idea of downloading apps and syncing a smoker with my phone is not something that I ever want to do.

Another reason that I wouldn’t buy the Bluetooth smokers is because of the window on the front door.  All that window is going to do is get filthy and make you feel like you need to get down on your hands and knees and scrub it clean.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker with Window

Seriously…that window gets absolutely covered in smoke and grease and will just look ugly after a few serious smoking sessions.

But hey, if you like apps and gadgets then go for it.

Double Walled Construction With Side Loading Wood Chip Design

All of the Masterbuilt electric smokers with digital controls come with double walled construction and a side loading wood chip tray.

The double wall construction has a layer of insulation between the walls.  The insulated double walls let this smoker operate efficiently and hold steady temperatures even in cold weather.

The side loading wood chip tray is a patented feature only available on Masterbuilt smokers.  You can use the tray to add more wood chips to your smoker in the middle of a cook without having to open the smoker door and losing all of the heat.

Side Loading Chip Tray

30 vs 40 Inch Electric Smokers

Which size smoker you want to buy is the biggest decision you need to make.  For most people I believe the best choice will be a 40 inch model.

The “30” and “40” in the names of these smokers refer to the approximate height of the smokers in inches.  This makes the MES 30 smokers about 2.5 feet tall and the MES 40 options about 3.3 feet tall.

While the height differences are interesting they are not very important.  What is important is the differences in the WIDTH of the smokers. The cooking grates on the 30 inch models are 14 inches wide while the grates on the 40 inch models are 20 inches wide.

MES 40 grate dimensions

The difference between a twenty and fourteen inch cooking grate is massive.  A full packer brisket will easily fit into a 40 inch model. You will have to cut the brisket in half to fit it onto the grates of a 30 inch model.  Same goes for a full slab of pork spare ribs.

There is no way around it…the 30 inch smoker is small.  It is great if you just need something for making beef jerky or smoking summer sausage but if you want to get serious about barbecue then eventually you are going to wish you had the 40 inch smoker.

Masterbuilt Pro, Adventure and Signature Series Electric Smokers

There are four brands of Masterbuilt electric smokers that were literally designed to create confusion in the marketplace.

  • Masterbuilt: This is the product line that can be purchased from Masterbuilt, Amazon and Wal Mart.
  • Pro Series:  This is a product line that is only sold through Home Depot.
  • Signature Series:  This is a product line that is only sold through Lowes.
  • Adventure: This is a product line sold through Ace Hardware, Bass Pro Shops, Dick’s Sporting Goods and a few other places.

The differences between these product lines are almost non-existent and come down to branding and a few insignificant cosmetic features.

Masterbuilt Brands

These brands were created to try to stop consumers from doing price comparisons on their cell phones while they are in the big box stores.  If you are in a Home Depot and see a Pro Series smoker that you like then there is no way for you to check Wal Mart or Amazon for a better price since Home Depot is the only outlet for the Pro Series.

Slow Smoker Kit Accessory

If you buy a Masterbuilt smoker that has the side loading wood chip tray then you need to know about the Slow Smoker Kit that is sold separately as an accessory.

One of the few problems with electric smokers in general is that they typically have small wood chip trays that need to be refilled every 30-45 minutes.

The Slow Smoker Kit fixes this problem by having a high capacity wood hopper that is loaded directly over a heating element.  The kit attaches to your smoker where the side loading chip tray enters and gives you hours of uninterrupted smoke time.

Masterbuilt Slow Smoker Kit

When you use the Slow Smoker Kit you control the temperature of the smoker with the control panel on the main smoker.  There is no temperature control on the Slow Smoker kit. It is either On or Off.

Another nice trick you can do with the Slow Smoker kit is use it for cold smoking.  The Masterbuilt digital smokers normally have a temperature range of 100-275F. While that range is great for most things it is too hot for cold smoking cheese and other foods where you just want to add smoke but don’t want to cook them.  

By turning the Slow Smoker kit on but leaving the primary smoker off you can cold smoke with ease.  If you really want to make sure you have low temperature for cold smoking then you can fill the water tray with ice cubes.

Other Brands of Electric Smokers to Consider

Masterbuilt makes the best selling electric smokers but they are not the only game in town.

Char Broil has a couple of good models to choose from and they are the closest in quality to Masterbuilt that I have seen.  Char Broil also has a smoker with “SmartChef Technology” that can sync with your phone but the functionality isn’t that great.  Prices bounce around all of the time but on average the Char Broil smokers are more usually expensive than Masterbuilt.

Smoke Hollow makes some nice digital electric smokers that are budget priced.  The Smoke Hollow smokers don’t have Bluetooth or integrated meat thermometers but they are solid on basic functionality.

Pit Boss has recently started selling electric smokers but the initial reviews have not been that good.  The folks at Pit Boss are pretty aggressive when they enter a new market though so I suspect they will get things turned around pretty fast.

Two brands that I absolutely do NOT recommend looking at are Cajun Injector and Bradley.

Just don’t do it.



  1. I’ve been searching for information to get a nice smoker for my husband’s birthday and you literally answered ALL the questions I had as I was so confused by all the different models in different websites! Thank you sooo much for the helpful information!

    • David

      Glad to be of service 🙂

  2. Mike Smith

    You just discussed everything I was questioning regarding these smokers. I really appreciate your thoroughness.

  3. David

    I have been looking for an easy to use smoker to go along with cooking “team” (I have 4 grills total at this point…) and thank you so much for taking the time to literally answer every question that I was going to ask.

  4. Stacy

    I read your reviews and I really appreciate your insights on these smokers. Here’s my argument for a 30″ smoker and please feel free to let me know if you agree or not. I own a Traeger for my racks of ribs, whole brisket, cooking 20+ lb turkey and otherwise feeding an army some true smokey BBQ goodness. I also have a gas grill for a good char. Where I’m stuck is that I also like to make summer sausage, snack sticks, jerky, smoked salmon and the like. Without going into too much detail, I made the huge mistake of migrating away from an electric smoker to a gas smoker. Even at the lowest setting and the door ajar, I couldn’t keep the sausage from “fatting out”. So, now I have a gas smoker for when I want to cook something and be able to control the smoke, I have my Traeger for nearly everything else, except sausage. Why? In my circles, sausage needs to be cooked low without smoke for a period of time followed by a higher temp with smoke. The Traeger does just the opposite with the heaviest smoke coming at lower temperatures. I’ve also found that Traeger wood pellets often don’t pack the same kind of smoke flavor for sausage and jerky that wood chips impart. Enter the inexpensive Masterbuilt 30″ smoker. The exact right size for summer sausage, muscle meat jerky and pepperoni sticks. To me it’s a perfect compliment to my Traeger and my grill (gas smoker being the least useful of the lot).

    • David

      Stacy, I fully agree that this is a PERFECT reason to get a 30 inch MES. Being able to dial in low temps for sausage and jerky is wonderful and you certainly do not need a full size MES for this. Thanks for the comment!!

      • Stacy

        You bet, and thank you!

        I forgot to mention another reason to get ANY MES which is the highly affordable cold smoker attachment they offer. For roughly $60 at Amazon, the cold smoker gives you the ability to smoke cheese, lox style salmon and other cured foods like dried salami in addition to making your own liquid smoke. For those who like such things, Masterbuilt smokers are ideal and a fantastic choice. Thanks again!

  5. Vic

    What is your thoughts on the 317 30 inch pro master built electric smoker. It seems that I cannot find any information on this particular smoker on any sites that I have looked up Home Depot sells it for $189 for beginner that’s a big investment so I’m wondering even on master built site does not say anything about the 317. Thank you

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