Weber 26.75 Rotisserie from Cajun Bandit

Here is some great news for owners of the Weber 26.75 kettle! There is now a Weber 26.75 rotisserie ring available from Cajun Bandit!

The absence of a rotisserie for the Weber 26.75 kettle has been a sore point for owners of this awesome grill for many years. You could go over to the Virtual Weber Bullet and find people practically begging Weber to make this product but Weber never did.

I don’t know whether to love or hate Cajun Bandit for creating and marketing this product. One of the reasons I never bought the Weber 26.75 kettle was the fact that no rotisserie kit was available. Now I am going to have to re-think my whole outlook on whether I need this kettle or not!

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I was able to get Chris Perres from Cajun Bandit to visit with me and provide a little more information about the Weber 26.75 rotisserie. Here is how the conversation went:

David: Chris, first off, a great big “Thank you!” for coming out with this product. How long had you been thinking about making the rotisserie kit for the Weber 26.75 and what finally made you decide to start production?

Chris: I have been getting emails about doing a conversion kit for the 26.75 for a few years now, I made the rotisserie setup instead, mainly due to the cost of producing the product, it wasn’t as much of a decision as it was giving in to what I am going to call polite pestering, I get allot of feedback and ideas from my customers and love every minute of it, I have found no other business where the customers are as honest, polite and understanding than the BBQ community.

David: I was very surprised when I saw you had a Weber 26.75 rotisserie available. When did the product launch? Are you seeing a lot of interest in the product?

Chris: We had it posted mid August on the site if I remember correctly David, and have sold a handful so far, we don’t advertise so it’s doing fine for me right now, most people who buy one are surprised to see it out there, there’s nothing for the 26.75 owners on the market.

David: I noticed that the folks over at Rib-O-Lator are now selling their product with trays that extend to 24 inches. Did Rib-O-Lator develop the expanded trays because of your new rotisserie ring and the extra space now available?

Chris: Oh no, Bob has had the one for a while, he emailed me about possibly using them on the 18” kettles and WSM smokers after developing it but that was it, we are in the makes for a ring on that set up right now.

David: Your website says the 26.75 rotisserie ring will accommodate the EZ-Que 21.5 x 8 rotisserie cradles. Help me out here; are these things even for sale anymore? I can’t get a read on EZ-Que..Are they still making products?

Chris: It looks like they’re only available from a company called Bourlier’s here’s a link to their site, you have to make some mods to motor side of the spit rod to use it with my setup though.

David: I really like the look of the stainless steel rotisserie ring you offer for the 22.5 inch kettles. Why the change in material to powder coated gloss black for your 26.75 inch model?

Chris: Cost, the stainless would have put it well over the 200 mark and I think it was justifiable.

David: Could I get some details on the hardware that comes with the rotisserie bundle? Folks ought to be able to easily roast two or three chickens at a time with this rotisserie. Does the bundle come with an extra set of forks or will folks need to order those separately? What about the motor that comes with the 26.75 inch rotisserie? Is this the same battery powered motor that comes with your other rotisserie kits?

Chris: I went with a heavy duty stainless spit rod just for that reason, so you could load it up, there are extra forks available but chose not to add them in the kit to give the customer the option, I for one have three or four sets lying around from other products I have purchased over the years.

The 24 pound DC motor we use on the other rotisserie is a proven motor in my book, out of hundreds sold I have only had one replacement to make, and it was the contact tab for the battery, it was bent, I bent it back out and it worked like a charm. An AC adapter is available for that same motor if anyone was wondering, I have sold very few of them.

David: One last question about the basic design. Your 22.5 inch rotisserie ring is well known for its excellent fit and tight seal with the kettle. Does the Weber 26.75 rotisserie ring have the same tight fitting feature?

Chris: Yes, the design is a little different but the fit is the same.

I want to thank Chris for offering this great product and taking the time to offer everyone a little more information.

If you are one of those fortunate souls that own a Weber 26.75 kettle then head over to Cajun Bandit and grab you a rotisserie.

If you are one of those super fortunate souls that already own a Weber 26.75 rotisserie from Cajun Bandit then drop me a line and share some pictures or a video. I would love to get them posted for everyone to see.

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  1. Omar

    I own the 26.75 and love it. I can send you pics and vids. Shoot me an email

    • David


      Excellent, will do!!

  2. LAKramer1211

    It is strictly my opinion, but when I read that the price of the rotisserie being $189, my heart fell because although I have been desiring to have one for many years, I didn’t think I could justify spending so much money on something I’d only use occasionally.
    the pellet box attachment is especially high priced at $500. That is more than the smoker itself.

    • David

      I know what you mean! American made stainless steel products are not cheap 🙂

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