Cool New Stuff From Cajun Bandit

Jumbo Joe with rotisserie

I was searching the Internet for cool accessories for the Weber Jumbo Joe and saw a “Coming Soon” banner on the Cajun Bandit website for a rotisserie and a stacker for 18.5 inch Weber charcoal grills. I shot an e-mail over to Chris Perres and asked him when these would be available. It turns out they are available right now and he just hasn’t had time to update his website!

Jumbo Joe with rotisserieChris was kind enough to send some pictures and a price list. Both the stacker module and the rotisserie ring for the 18.5 inch One Touch kettles, the 18.5 inch Weber Jumbo Joe and the 18.5 inch Weber Smokey Mountain. If you want to go crazy you can get both and place the rotisserie ring on top of the stacker. Insane!!

Here is the Weber 18.5 inch One Touch Silver with the Stacker, rotisserie and stacker/rotisserie combination.

18 kettle with rotisserieVery Cool!

18 kettle with StackerNice!

18 kettle comboGlorious!!

Here is the same with the 18.5 inch Weber Smokey Mountain!

18 WSM with stackerA fine looking stacker!!

18 WSM rotisserieBeautiful, don’t you think!

And last but not least…here it is with the Weber Jumbo Joe!

Jumbo Joe with StackerThis will be much studier than the extension modification I wrote about last year.  It also comes with an extra grate, heat diffuser and charcoal ring.

Inside the StackerAnd here is the Stacker/rotisserie combo with the Weber Jumbo Joe!

Jumbo Joe comboI believe there are two option available on the rotisserie ring.  The first option is a ring that will only fit on the 18.5 inch kettle.  The second option is a ring that will fit on the 18.5 inch kettle but can also be flipped over to fit on the 18.5 inch Weber Smokey Mountain.  Chris is selling these units for the following:

18″ rotisserie bundle(kettle only) 139.00 + ship
18″ rotisserie bundle(kettle/WSM) 149.00 + ship

These kits include everything you need except two D cell batteries.

18″ Stacker bundle 149.00 + ship
This kit includes ring, rack supports/hardware, 18″ cooking grate, coal ring and heat diffuser, and will convert a kettle or Jumbo Joe into a smoker.

18″ Stacker only 129.00 + ship
This kit includes the ring, rack supports/hardware, and cooking grate, this kit will add a third cooking grate to the WSM

If these strike your fancy drop by Chris’s website and fill out the contact form to make an order!

If you need some ideas on what to do with a rotisserie for your Weber then check out my Weber Rotisserie Guide!


  1. Joe

    Great Post David. Cajun Bandit is one of my favorites and Chris is second to none.

    • David

      Thanks, Joe! I am having a great time getting to know Chris.

  2. Myles

    I’d like to smoke a turkey on the 18.5 Jumbo Joe rotisserie combo Cajun Bandit sells. Do you think there is enough clearance for a 12-14 lb turkey?

    • David

      I looked at mine last night. I don’t think there is enough dome clearance to do a turkey on the rotisserie. There should be enough space inside the extension ring with the rotisserie spit removed.

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