Weber Spirit 310 vs 315: One Grill is Clearly the Best!

Weber Spirit 310 vs 315

If you are trying to figure out the difference between a Weber Spirit 310 vs 315 then there is a good chance that you are a bit confused as their are six different grills to sort through.

These six grills are:

  • Spirit E 310
  • Spirit II E 310
  • Spirit E 315
  • Spirit S 315
  • Spirt EX 315
  • Spirit SX 315

Why does Weber make things so confusing??

Don’t worry though as I have already done all of the hard work for you! This guide will walk you through all of the differences so you can buy exactly the right one for your needs.

Let’s get started!

Weber Spirit 310 vs 315

If you are short on time then all you need to know is that the only grill in this list that I recommend is the Weber Spirit II E 310.


What all of the Weber Spirit 310 vs 315 Grills Have in Common

All of the 310 and 315 grills have the same:

  • Grilling Capacity
  • Even Heat Distribution
  • BTU Ratings

The grills have a primary cooking grate that holds about 15-20 burgers (424 sq in) which is more than large enough for most people’s needs.

These are solid, mid-sized grills that have great heat distribution and minimal flare-ups.  The build quality is high on all of the models and, with some routine maintenance, they will easily last 7-10 years.

What Makes the Spirit II E 310 the Best Choice

There are some subtle differences about the Spirit II E 310 that make it the obvious winner among this bunch.  These differences include:

  • Propane Tank Placement
  • Wheel Type
  • Warranty
  • Price

Let’s look at each of these features in a little more detail.

Propane Tank Placement

The propane tank mount for the Spirit II E 310 is on the outside of the grill, underneath the right side table.  For every other grill in this comparison the propane tank is stored inside the cabinet underneath the body of the grill.

For the Spirit II E 310 it is easy to access the propane tank so opening and closing the tank, and replacing an empty tank, is a simple task.

For every other grill in this series in order to access the propane tank you have to open the cabinet, bend down and make an awkward reach to open and close the valve.  Swapping out tanks turns into a major hassle that is made worse if you are older and have bad knees.

I would buy the Spirit II E 310 over any of the other grills simply based upon the propane tank placement.  But don’t worry, there are still more reasons why this grill is the best choice.

Wheel Type

The Spirit II E 310 has two large wheels on the tight side which makes it easy to lift and push around on a wood deck.  All of the other grills in this series have four small caster wheels that bump and stick when rolling between deck boards.

This is not a major issue, and is a non-issue if the grill will be used on a smooth surface.


The warranty for the Spirit II E 310 is 10 years for EVERTHING.

Every single part on this grill, including he Flavorizer bars and cooking grate, is covered by a ten year warranty. This is important because the Flavorizer bars and cooking grates are the two components on the grill that take the most abuse.

This means that when the Flavorizer bars rust out after three years of use, instead of having to pay $50 for a replacement set you will get them for free.  When the cooking grates rusts through after nine years of use instead of having to pay $90 for a replacement set you will get them for free.

The warranty for the Spirit II E 310 means you will eventually get about $150 worth of free replacement parts.

The warranty of all of the other grills in this series only cover the Flavorizer bars for three years and the cooking grate for five years.


The Spirit II line of grills was introduced in 2018 and were so popular that they dug into sales of Weber’s more expensive Genesis grills.  As a result the Spirit II series is being discontinued and are being sold at a discount to clear out the inventory.

Prices change day to day so I can’t tell you exactly how much you are going to save when you buy this grill but it is almost always has the lowest price of any grill in this series.

Customer Reviews of the Spirit II E 310

I pulled the customer reviews for the Spirit II E 310 from the Home Depot website and posted them below.  here is a lot of information that we can take away from these reviews.

First off, there are over 12,000 customer reviews that tell us this grill is insanely popular.

Secondly, 94% of owners would recommend this grill to a friend.  That level of customer satisfaction is practically unheard of regardless of what type of product you are dealing with.

Thirdly, the large size of the data set lets us know that the 94% recommendation rate is a number we can trust and isn’t being skewed by a few biased reviews.

Great grill, great bargain, great warranty, great reviews.  See where I am going here??


Customer Reviews of the Weber Spirit II E 310

Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill, Black

All of the Spirit 310 and 315 grills cook great.

The Spirit II E 310 is the Best Because:

  • Only Model with 10 Year Warranty
  • Side Mounted Propane Tank is EASY to Manage
  • Best Price 

Differences Between the Spirit 310 and 315 Grills

Alright, now lets tackle some of the differences between these models that confuse a lot of people.

Spirit E 310 vs Spirit E 315

There is essentially no difference between these two grills.

The Spirit E 310 is the model that gets sold on Amazon and through Weber’s website while the Spirit E 315 is sold exclusively at Home Depot.  These are the same grills with different model numbers based upon where they are being sold.

Spirit E 315 vs Spirit S 315

The Spirit S 315 has the same functionality as the E 310 and E 315 but has some pretty stainless steel parts thrown in.

The stainless parts come with a significant price increase and the benefits are purely cosmetic.  If you really want a mid-sized stainless steel grill then this is a nice choice but personally I would take a pass.

Spirit EX 315 and Spirit SX 315

These grills are part of Weber’s attempt to enter the “Smart Device” market and, in my opinion, are not worth the money.

The only thing you are really getting with the Smart Functions is a Bluetooth enabled temperature measurement system. You do not have the ability to control these “smart grills” remotely, just monitor temperatures.

The smart features work fine but are of limited use and can bought as an aftermarket accessory (Inkbird) for less than what Weber is charging to have the technology built into the grill.