Pulled Pork with a Weber Genesis Rotisserie

My Weber kettle rotisserie has been getting most of the grilling action for the past two months and I wanted to let my Weber Genesis rotisserie get in on some of the fun.

When I found Pulled Pork butts on sale for $0.88 a pound it was pretty obvious what was going to happen next!  I had never cooked a pulled pork butt on a rotisserie before but it seemed like it ought to be pretty simple; turns out it was also delicious!

Pulled Pork

Started with a five pound pulled pork butt (large enough to feed 5-6 people) and injected the fellow with a mix of 1 Tbls salt, 2 Tbls maple syrup and 1 cup water then let it rest in the refrigerator overnight.

The next morning I ran the rotisserie spit through the butt and inserted the forks as deeply as I could.  I thought I would have a rough time getting around the bone but it was actually pretty easy.

Injected Pork Butt on a Rotisserie

I rubbed the butt with Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy then trussed it up and took it to the Genesis.  Probably didn’t need to bother with the trussing but I think it looks cool.

I removed the grill grate and placed a foil drip pan on top of the Flavorizer bars under the butt.  The drip pan needs to have some water in it to keep any drippings from scorching.

I removed a Flavorizer bar on the left side of the grill and placed a chunk of pecan close to the front burner.

Weber Genesis Rotisserie Overview

The cook itself was incredibly easy.  I set the front burner on high until the chunk of pecan started to smoke and then turned it down to low.  The middle and back burners were off.

I let this guy spin on the rotisserie for seven and a half hours.  Every now and then I opened the grill, replenished the water in the drip pan and took some pictures.  Here is what it looked like after five hours.

Rotisserie Pork

You might be wondering what temperature I was using and the answer is that I have no idea.

I had my Genesis running with a single burner on Low and I was happy with how the butt was cooking.  I figured if I started measuring temperatures I would start stressing out…who the heck needs that?

After a little more than six and a half hours I turned the front burner up to Medium High to help the bark get established.  At seven and a half hours the pork looked awesome and had reached an internal temp of 198F.

Weber Genesis Rotisserie Pork Butt

I took the rotisserie off the grill and let it rest for an hour before I removed the spit and took the butt apart.

Rotisserie pork butt resting

The bark was delicious and the butt came apart nicely.  Most of the butt was shredded but I kept one of the muscles intact for some nice looking slices.


This cook was extremely easy and turned out some great barbecue.  Don’t be afraid to play around with a rotisserie on you Weber gas grills.  This other post can help give you more ideas on fun stuff to throw on your Weber rotisserie.

And for your viewing pleasure….here is a quick little video of that pulled pork butt spinning on the Weber Genesis rotisserie.

Learn How to Use Your Rotisserie With The Weber Rotisserie Guide!



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    Gonna try this recipe this weekend on Sunday for the football game. Go Bears!

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