Z Grills Error Codes: What They Mean and How to Fix

Z Grills Error Codes

Z Grills are highly reliable pellet grills that will last for years.  However, there are times when the control panel will throw an error code and the grill stops working.  Not to worry though, the error codes are easy to understand and, in most cases, are pretty simple to clear.

There are four different codes these gills can produce.  Let’s take a look at the different types of problems these codes indicate.

Z Grills Error Codes

Er1 Error

This Er1 code indicates there is a problem with the ability of the grill to measure the temperature inside the smoker.

How to Fix

There are three possible reasons that you are getting this error code.

There is a wire coming from the thermocouple inside the grill that connects to another wire that goes to the controller.  The connection between these two wires is located between the grill body and pellet hopper and it sometimes gets wet or loose.


Take the connection apart, dry with paper towels or compressed air and reconnect the wires.  That will fix most of the Er1 problems.

If the connection between the two wires was not the problem then check the connection of the wire into the control panel itself.  Make sure the grill is UNPLUGGED and use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the two screws on the control panel.  Gently slide the control panel out, locate the wire coming from the thermocouple and make sure it is tightly in place.

If the previous two steps did not clear the error code then the thermocouple is bad and needs to be replaced.  You can get a replacement probe directly from Z Grills for about $30.

Er2 Error

The Er2 code indicates that you tried to start the grill incorrectly.

How to Fix

In order for a Z Grills to start the temperature control dial must be set to the “Smoke” setting before the power is turned on.

If the control dial is at any other setting than “Smoke” when the power is turned on the grill will give an Er2 code.  Here is a picture of what the control panel on my Z Grills 1000 series looks like when I start it.

Control Panel at Startup
Must be at Smoke when starting.

If you have an Er2 code then turn the Power to “Off”, turn the control dial to “Smoke” and then turn the Power back to “On”.

Her Error

The Her code is a High Temperature alarm that indicates the grill got too hot and turned itself off as a safety precaution.  This typically occurs when the thermocouple measures a temperature of 550F or higher.

The Her code usually gets activated after the grill is run on “High” for a prolonged period of time with the lid open.  When the lid is open the temperature inside the grill drops and the control panel starts sending LOTS of wood pellets into the fire pot to compensate.  When you finally close the lid the fire pot is absolutely full of pellets and the temperature inside the grill sky rockets.

How to Fix

Turn the control panel to “Shut Down Cycle” and let the pellets finish burning as the fan blows for the next ten minutes. Once the shut down cycle is complete, turn the Power to Off.  Remove the cooking grates and grease tray to clean out the fire pot of any unburned pellets and ashes.

Restart the grill as normal.

Ler Error

The Ler code is a Low Temperature alarm and indicates the grill has run at temperatures below 150F for 15 minutes. The main reason you get an Ler code is because the pellet hopper has run out of pellets.

How to Fix

Turn the control dial to “Shut Down Sequence” and after the ten minute sequence is complete turn the Power button to “Off”.  Fill the pellet hopper with more pellets then restart the grill as normal.

Another reason that the grill will give an Ler code is if the pellets are not being transferred from the pellet hopper to the fire pot.  This will happen if the opening where the pellet enter the hopper is clogged with sawdust.  In this case you will need to go through the shut down cycle and clean out the pellet hopper.