Tomahawk Steak Price: Is It Worth the Money?

Tomahawk Steak Price

Tomahawk steak prices are much higher than that of an equivalent ribeye steak which is a bit silly since a tomahawk is simply a monster ribeye with the rib bone still attached!

Beautiful Tomahawk Steak

Let’s take a look at how much this steak costs at different quality grades:

  • Choice
  • Dry Aged Prime
  • American Wagyu

And, let’s also take a look as whether they are worth the money.

How Much Does a Tomahawk Steak Price ?

I have a local grocer that routinely carries this cut and they charge around $16 per pound for a Choice grade tomahawk steak prices.  I can buy a regular Choice grade ribeye steak at this same store for $12 a pound.  This means that I am paying a $4 per pound premium for a steak just because it has a giant bone attached.  

Tomahawk Steak Price

Beef prices fluctuate all the time so a general rule to remember is that a tomahawk steak prices will typically cost about 30% more than the equivalent ribeye on a per pound basis.

Another consideration with the cost of a tomahawk is that it is a much larger steak than your typical ribeye. 

The whole point of a tomahawk is that you want to have a MASSIVE piece of meat hanging off of a MASSIVE bone.

Typically a tomahawk steak prices will weigh between 3 and 4 pounds compared to 1 pound for what is typically considered a large ribeye steak.

The combination of an increased cost per pound with the massive weight means you should expect a single tomahawk steak to cost at least $50.

The Price Increases with Higher Quality Beef

I typically buy Choice grade steaks but sometimes I can find a Prime grade tomahawk at my local Costco for about $20 per pound.

You can buy Dry Aged Prime Grade tomahawks from Costco online for $37 a pound.  These steaks come in a four pack that weighs about 10 lbs.  The $37 per pound price tag includes shipping,

If you feel like splurging then you can buy an American Wagyu tomahawk steak from Snake River Farms for about $60 per pound. 

American Wagyu is a cross between Black Angus and Wagyu that consistently grades off the charts past Prime in marbling.  The beef is incredible but I would have a hard time paying that much money for a tomahawk.  

American Wagyu Tomahawk Steak

Is a Tomahawk Steak Worth the Money?

From a financial standpoint the Tomahawk is the biggest waste of money in the world of steak.  This is a tricky cut to find and you will pay a premium when you find it. 

The steak I cooked for this Reverse Seared Tomahawk Steak recipe weighed 3.5 pounds and, at a price of $16 per pound, cost me almost $60.   

When you do the obvious math it gets even worse. 

The bone in my 3.5 pound steak weighed about a pound which meant that I only got about 2.5 pounds of meat on the Tomahawk.  This means that I was paying closer to $22 per pound of meat which is almost twice the cost of a regular ribeye.

The absolute only reason you should ever grill a Tomahawk steak is if you want to put on an awesome display.  If you are just looking for a great steak to feed your family and friends then stick with regular ribeyes.