Where to Buy Picanha Steak? Online and Costco!

Perfect Picanha Steaks

I spent weeks watching videos from Guga Foods on YouTube as he cooked picanha steaks.  His description of the “Queen of Steaks” had me drooling and I had to try grilling some of these myself.

I headed out to the grocery stores in my town and quickly learned that this is not a standard cut of beef in my region and if I wanted to find one then I was going to have to do some more digging.  

If you are in a similar boat and are looking for a place to buy picanha steak then I have found a couple of online resources for you.

Picanha Steaks

If you would like to learn more about this cut before you buy one then check out this article, “What is Picanha?

Where to Buy Picanha Online

The easiest way to buy a picanha steak is to order one online.

There are three sources for this steak listed below and each one provides a distinctly different type of beef.

  • Vermont Wagyu: 100% Wagyu Beef 
  • Snake River Farms: 50% Wagyu, 50% Angus
  • Porter Road: 100% Angus

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Porter Road

If American Wagyu beef is out of your price range then take a look at Porter Road, a great outfit out of Nashville that sells beef from small farms in Tennessee and Kentucky. 

The cattle on these small farms are raised and pastured outdoors and treated humanely.  If you care about how your beef was produced then these are the guys you want to work with.

The cattle are Black and Red Angus and the beef flavor is delicious.  They only sell steaks that have the highest marbling possible.  When you buy from these butchers you will get an amazing steak from a cow that lived a happy life.

These steaks are dry aged for a minimum of two weeks.

Picanha from Porter Road

Angus Beef Humanely Raised on Small Family Farms

Customer Review, "These steaks are amazing. My family loves them. I season them and put them on the smoker until they reach 100 degrees then sear over charcoal to render the fat cap. Cook to 125-130 then rest and slice. Delicious and one steak will feed 3-4 people."

Best Value


Picanha from Vermont Wagyu

The folks over at Vermont Wagyu run a small family farm and raise 100% pure blood Wagyu beef.

They focus on creating a stress free pastured environment for their cattle with the motto:

Healthy cows = Happy cows = Better Marbling 

Picanha From Vermont Wagyu

One of the most affordable ways to enjoy 100% pure Wagyu beef.

Customer review, "Had this sometime last year and I was simply amazed , I actually liked it better than the Japanese wagyu that I have had."

Sold as a "Coulotte Steak" on the website.

Snake River Farms.

When you get to the Snake River Farms site do a search for “Coulette” and it will take you to the best steaks you will see.

The beef comes from American Wagyu cattle which are a cross between Wagyu and American Angus.  This cross provides some of the richness of Wagyu combined with the traditional beefiness of Angus.

These steaks are wet aged for 21 days and while they are not cheap they are pretty amazing 🙂

Picanha from Snake River Farms

50:50 Cross Between American Angus and Wagyu

Customer Review, "Amazing cut of meat, with so many options on how to cook it. Diamond in the rough that not a lot of people know about!"

Sold as a Coulotte Steak on website.


Picanha Steak  for Sale at Costco

I noticed towards the end of 2021 that my local Costco was selling a two pack of picanhas for around $7 per pound.  The packages weigh a little over four pounds so plan on spending about $35 total.

The roasts are USDA Choice and are labeled as “Top Sirloin Cap”.

I suspect that Costco started carrying this inexpensive cut in response to rising beef prices so their customers could still find  great beef at a reasonable price.

I am pretty lucky as my local Costco is now selling tri tip and picanha so I always have two great roasts to choose between.  Once you get your steaks be sure to check out my recipe for Picanha Grilled on a Weber Kettle!

Picanha for Sale at Costco