[WHAT?] Why are Weber grills so expensive?

It is easy to get sticker shock when you are looking at buying a Weber grill. 

Weber Compared to Cheap Grills

DynaGlo grills are cheap because they are made of thin painted metal that is going to rust out in one to three years. 

Built to Last

Weber’s are built to last with almost all of them carrying a ten year warranty (5 years for Weber Qs and some parts on Spirit grills).  

The Real Competition

When you compare the cost of a Weber against other grills that will last a decade or more you will find that Weber’s are very competitively priced. 

Cost of a Weber Grill

* Materials of Construction  * Engineering and Design  * Customer Support  * Made in the USA 

Are Weber Grills Worth It?

To me, they are worth it. What you get with a Weber that you don’t get from a cheap grill is “Control”. 

The Value of a Weber Grill

The Weber grill that you are about to buy is going to last you at least ten years.  

After you get your Weber...

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