Amazing Grilled Turkey Wings

{Pterodactyl Wing Recipe to shock everyone you know!}

Why Pterodactyl wings?

A lot of folks call these “pterodactyl wings” because they are so MASSIVE but their massive size means plenty for everyone.

Prepare the wings for the grill

First, rinse them under cold water then pat dry with a paper towel. Then, season.

Wing Seasoning

– 2 tbls salt – 1 tbls black pepper – 1 tsp onion powder – 1 tsp garlic powder – 1 tsp dried Italian herb

Grill the Turkey Wings

Turn on your pellet grill and set the temperature to 350F.  These will grill up fairly quickly.

Grill the Turkey Wings

Cook the wings until the skin is crispy and the meat reaches an internal temperature of around 185F. 

It's sauce time!

My favorite sauce is made from: – 1 cup Frank’s Hot Sauce – 1/4 cup peach nectar – 2 tbls melted butter – 2 tbls honey

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There are some danged nice wings and the Habanero Grill Seasoning is going to get some serious use around my house.