Traeger Timberline vs Ironwood

Basically, all you really need to know is that the Timberline is not worth the extra money. 

Timberline Upgrades

In 2022 Traeger redesigned the Timberline series and gave them serious differences from the Ironwood. 

Minor Upgrade List

– Stainless Steel Cooking Grate – Magnetic Cutting Board – Improved Cabinetry

Upgrades Continued

– Larger Pellet Hopper – Pop and Lock Rail System All of these upgrades are cosmetic.

Major Upgrades

– Side Mounted Induction Cooktop – EZ Clean Ash and Grease Keg The side mounted induction cooktop is very nice.

Timberline User Review

Below is a snapshot of the Traeger customer reviews as of July, 2022 and the grill only has a 3.7 Star rating. 

Should You Buy a Timberline or Ironwood?

If you get one that works, you'll love it but the price point is just not worth it.

My Opinion

You can buy an Ironwood 650 for $1,400 and have yourself one heck of a grill.   The new Timberline is ok but I just can't justify the cost.

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