Smoked Burgers Recipe for Your Pit Boss, Z Grill or Traeger Pellet Grill

This is a great framework to get you started. 

Get Toppings Ready

I filled a cast iron pan with sliced sweet onion and sliced button mushrooms. I seasoned them with the same seasoning from the burgers.

Set Up Your Grill for Smoking

Put the cast iron pan on the primary cooking grate with the smoke tube. Burgers go on the elevated grate.


Set the temp of your grill to 180F. P.S. I was burning hickory pellets in the hopper and the smoke tube.

Time to Smoke

For my thick burgers, it took 2 hours of smoking to get an internal temperature of 145F. If you like well done burgers, you'll want an internal temperature of 155F.

Add Toppings

Once the burgers are at your desired target temperature you can add toppings, cheese, barbecue sauce, etc as desired.  

It's Time to Serve Those Burgers!

Pro Tip: A great bun can make or break these awesome burgers. I served mine on a brioche bun that was toasted in a little butter.

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