How to Smoke Costco's New York Strip Roast

Slow cooking a 6-8 pound roast in a smoker is so much easier than trying to cook a dozen steaks over a hot grill. 

Trim the Roast

We are going to start by trimming the roast to remove the fat cap and silverskin.  Expose the entire surface of the roast so you can get more flavor in there. 

Season the Roast

If you don't have any seasoning on hand, you can just use salt and pepper. Montreal Steak Seasoning is my “go to” steak seasoning just because it is good and available. 

 How to Season the Roast

Apply a liberal coating of the rub to the meat but don’t cover everything up because you want the smoke to be able to reach the meat. 

Let's Smoke the Roast

Set your pellet grill to 225F and let it preheat for 15-20 minutes.  Put the seasoned roast on the smoker, close the lid and let it cook for two hours. 

After 2 Hours

Baste the roast with some barbecue sauce, I prefer Head Country Hot and Spicy.   Don't mess around with any other barbecue sauce.

Is It Finished?

The roast is Medium Rare at 135F.  If you prefer your beef Medium Well then take it to an internal temperature of 145F.  Let it rest before serving.

Try This Too

Costco also sells really nice lobster tails that cook up quickly on a grill. We dip them in melted butter and devour them!