How To Make An Outstanding Turkey Sandwich

When you have turkey leftover from Thanksgiving, it's the perfect time to make this amazing sandwich!

Pro Tips!

There is nothing like some Thanksgiving turkey leftovers to send your post-Thanksgiving self into a state of euphoria. Here are my pro tips to send your leftovers over the top!

Tip #1

Choose the right bread. Seriously, don't mess this up or you'll never forgive yourself. Ciabatta rolls are outstanding.  The inside of the roll is slightly sweet, light and airy while the exterior gives a great chew.  

Tip #2

Cream cheese is a secret weapon.  A big slather of cream cheese onto the bottom bun partners extremely well with the smoked turkey.  

Tip #3

If you don't like cream cheese, you can still take your sandwich to the next level by adding a layer of cranberry sauce to the bread. Bonus points if it's homemade cranberry sauce!  

Tip #4

Don't cheap out on mustard. There is no need to go with plain yellow mustard when there are so many other GREAT options available. 

Tip #5

Always add bacon. To everything. Seriously though, bacon is amazing on a turkey sandwich!  Never underestimate bacon!

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