How to Grill Costco's King Crab Legs

The king crab legs at Costco are amazing and if you are looking for something special for a holiday meal or just a splurge then these are perfect!

The Crab Legs are precooked

Since the crab is already cooked all we are really going to do is heat the legs up on the grill while basting them with some butter. 

Break Into Pieces

Break the legs into sections by twisting them at the joints.  This will help them fit onto the grill and cook them evenly.

How to Cut Them Up

After the legs have been broken down I use a pair of scissors to cut out sections of the shell so I can baste melted butter directly onto the meat. 

Time to Grill

I put the crab legs on my Weber Q1200 gas grill and cooked them on high. They only have to be grilled for about ten minutes and basted with melted butter several times.

Grill Evenly

Be sure to take the smaller pieces off the grill when they start steaming but leave the larger knuckles for a few more minutes to heat through.

Let's Eat!

Once the legs are off the grill then it really is every man for themselves as we tear into these beauties.  Pro Tip: A lemon wedge helps cut the richness.

Try This Too

While you're in Costco, take a look at their lobster tails. They grill up very nicely and are delicious with melted butter!